4 Things to Do in Fort Collins During Winter Break

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Fall semester has come to an end and you’ve sent in your final report. You’re ready to step outside the library halls of CSU, but where to go? If this is your first winter in Fort Collins, then you might be wondering what’s there to do over winter break. The answer is, a ton! Fort Collins is renown for its incredible array of snow-based and winter-specific activities. Just take a look at these fun and exciting activities that await you just outside The Cottages:

4 Things to Do in Fort Collins During Winter Break

  1. Go Ice Skating.  Ice skating is a fun and easy way to get outside and enjoy some exercise during winter. In Fort Collins, it also happens to be a city-wise past time. We have so many places to go ranging from massive indoor arenas like the Edora Pool Ice Center to natural outdoor locations like at Merganser Pond in the Prospect Ponds Natural Area.
  2. Explore Nature Via Snowshoeing.  Love to hike? Check out snowshoeing this winter break. Snowshoes are pretty inexpensive, you can get a quality used pair for about $25 and are easy to use. Some spectacular places to explore this way include Lory State Park and nearby Blue Lake Trail. Note that snowshoes can feel clunk the first time you use them, but once you finish your first mile you’re likely to become quickly addicted to this winter activity!
  3. Grab Theater Tickets.  The shorter, colder days of winter mean you have to make the most out of your days and find other evening activities to keep you warm and entertained. One popular indoor activity is theater going. Fort Collins has a booming theater community with venues like Bas Bleu Theater Company and The Lincoln Center regularly serving up new shows throughout the winter season. You might even consider trying out and joining the cast on the other side of the stage.
  4. Feast at the Winter Farmers Market.  Did you know that Fort Collins boasts the only Winter Farmers Market in northern Colorado? Open on select Saturdays throughout the season, this vibrant marketplace is always packed with rows of winter produce and local homemade artisan crafts. The latter of which offers some great inspiration if you haven’t already completed your holiday shopping list!

How Do You Want to Spend Your Winter Break?

Do you have your own favorite winter activities? Whether they take place indoors or in the great outdoors, we would love to hear about them! Share your favorite activities and Fort Collins’ places in the comments!

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