Best Places to Swim in Fort Collins

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Fort Collins might be in mountain territory, but it can get incredibly hot and dry come July and early August. In fact, this just might be the best time of the year to swim. But where to swim at? Well, there is, of course, the outstanding resort pool that’s right in your backyard! At the Cottages of Fort Collins, you get full access to the amazing on-site pool. This is ideal for those situations in which you want to cool down and have some fun fast! However, this isn’t the only place that’s great to swim at around town. Check out our quick list of best places for some fun in the water:

The Two Best Places to Swim Around Fort Collins

Horsetooth Reservoir. The picturesque Horsetooth Reservoir stretches for 6.5 miles along the foothills just to the west of town. It is a verifiable recreation mecca complete with miles of hiking trails, boat ramps, and both tent campsites and cabins you can rent out. But during summer, the best thing to do here is to head to the South Bay and enjoy swimming and picnicking on the beach. Note that this place is probably the most popular out of the bunch and can get pretty crazy on the weekends. Either go and enjoy the crowds then or aim to visit sometime during the midweek.

The Cache La Poudre River. The Poudre River is one of the most beautiful rivers not just in Colorado, but in the continental United States. Its been designated as a National Wild and Scenic River and offers a rich array of recreational activities. From flyfishing to whitewater kayaking, there’s something for everyone along the length of this gorgeous waterway. But what matters in this article is its swimming opportunities!

There are several easily accessible swimming spots near town, one of the best being Legacy Park. You’ll find this entrance just north of Old Town road off of College Avenue. Follow the signs to a nice sandy beach right next to the perfect swimming hole. Note that this river can get dangerous during the spring when snow melts cause excessive flooding.

Have Your Own Favorite Swim Holes? Share in the Comments!

Naturally, this is just the start of the amazing swimming opportunities we have here in North Colorado. Just be sure to remember there no matter where you go, be safe while swimming and always swim with a friend. Oh, and don’t forget the snacks!

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  1. One of my favorite places to go swimming in Fort Collins when I was a kid was Epic swimming pool. I remember the diving boards being gigantic. Now that I have kids I like taking them up to the Poudre Canyon to go throw rocks in the river and just play.

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