March of the Irish: St. Paddy’s Day Celebrations

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st pattys day

It used to be that Fort Collins threw one of the best St. Paddy’s Day parades this side of the cornfields, with Irish-loving visitors coming from all over to take part in the weekend celebrations. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Fort Collins isn’t the sleepy little hamlet it once used to be and in recent years, the growing population and mounting celebrations have made the parade a bit too unwieldy for downtown organizers. So it got the boot this year.

But cry not! There will still be St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Fort Collins — in fact there will be two spots to celebrates, just no parade. There’s the annual Old Town Irish Party happening in Old Town Square 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday, March 16 and the new inaugural Shamrock Festival happening same day at Oak Street Plaza from 10 am to 2:00 pm. The former event emphasizes more green beer and music while the latter will encompass a larger celebration of Celtic culture with interactive activities, vendors, and more. Learn more about both events here.

3 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes to Cook Up in Your Cottages of Fort Collins Kitchen

  • Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwiches with Thin Mint Cookies. Girl Scout cookies plus low-calorie pistachio ice cream? What more could you need? Plus, with this being the height of the Girl Scout cookie season, there’s not a better time than now to whip up this delicious green dessert.
  • Avocado Pesto. Okay, we could also just call it avocado on toast, but it doesn’t have quite the same ring. Plus, this delicious snack combines so much more and is the perfect side item at St. Patrick’s day breakfast, brunch, or buffet. Or, if you’re sick of avocados but still hungry for a unique bread topping, check out this perfect-for-spring Ricotta-Pea spread.
  • Corn Beef Hash. Not green, not carb-friendly, but perfectly Irish-oriented and 100% delicious. This hefty meal is the perfect and authentic Irish entree to put at the center of your St. Patrick’s Day feast.

Be Safe & Have Fun

Whether you stay and celebrate with friends with good food cooked in your Cottages of Fort Collins apartment or go out and party like green is going out of style, remember to take care and have fun. And don’t forget a touch of green in your outfit!

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