Spring Fever? Check Out These Projects

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spring fever projects

The weather outside is still not quite so nice but the warm and sunny days are just around the corner. But until they come, why not do some indoor upgrades? Not only will the following DIY projects help spruce up your apartment some, but they’ll also help relieve some of that post-Spring Break pre-summer spring fever you might be having. We’re listing them from easiest to complete to hardest:

4 DIY Apartment Projects to Cure That Spring Fever & Brighten Up Your Fort Collins Apartment

  • Eggshell seed starters. Looking to grow some of your own vegetables and herbs this year? For several key vegetables like peppers and tomatoes, the first two weeks of March are when you want to start seeds indoors. Want herbs? Such culinary treats can be grown all year round if you do so indoors. For both, these cute eggshell seed starters are a great way to get started gardening and look cute doing so.
  • Heavy duty canvas laundry bag. Hate the basket you lug your clothes in when you have to hit the laundry machines? Then check out this stylish and strong canvas laundry bag pattern. It’s a fairly easy to follow pattern and allows room for creators to add in their own creative finishing touches.
  • Copper and wood magazine holder. This unique side item was inspired by something the author saw at Anthropologie — but we’re sure this DIY version is going to save you beaucoup bucks. Plus, if you don’t have magazines, it doubles as a perfect spot for notebooks, folders, and other school odd and ends. If you find yourself really loving how this pipe works and looks, then you may even graduate to completing this copper and wood bookshelf.
  • Pallet ottoman. Sure, a drive down to Denver’s IKEA can probably score you a fairly cheap and cute ottoman. But will it be exactly what you want pattern and color-wise? If not, follow this DIY. Once you have the materials, it’ll take about an hour before you have a finished product that’ll be sturdy, look good, and be all your own.

Share Your Own Projects

Have your own apartment project you’re proud of? Share in the comments! Or, if you have any questions about enhancing your Cottages of Fort Collins apartment, such as where to plug in power tools outside, painting options, or other improvement tips, don’t hesitate to contact our front staff for guidance!

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