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If this is your first year in Fort Collins, then you may be surprised by the weather we get come June. June is both one of the hottest and wettest months of the year. This means both gorgeous swimming days and days when you’d much rather stay inside. For those latter days, one great hang out place is the Fort Collins Resident Entertainment Den. The Entertainment Den is a bright, open environment that boasts a ton of lounging furniture and perfect for board games. It’s a place that inspires group hangouts and laughter, and what better way to do that than with a party board game? Games like the following that are perfect for getting to know new friends and waiting out the rain:

3 Great Party Games to Play in the Resident Entertainment Den

  1. Quiplash (3 to 8 players).  For this one, you’ll need to bring down an appropriately equipped laptop or gather everyone in front of the gaming consoles available in the Cottages’s Resident Entertainment Den. That’s because Quiplash uses a computer/smart TV to display questions that can be answered via each player’s smartphone. In other words, your smartphone is the controller and how players will submit their answers and votes. Think of this game as DIY Apples to Apples and let the most imaginative, relevant, and humorous win.
  2. Codenames (2 to +++ players).  This is a great game that is different every time you play it and with every different group you play it with. To begin, players separate into two teams with one person on each team designated as the round spymaster. Players will lay out 25 cards and the spymasters will have to get their team to pick their secret set of cards using only word association.
  3. What Do You Meme? (3-20 players). Think you know your memes? Then this game is for you! From the creator of Instagram account f****jerry. It’s definitely not kid friendly, so grab your friends who aren’t easily offended and compete for the title of Most Inappropriate Caption.

Let Us Know How it Goes & Share Your Favorites

Naturally, this only cracks the surface of the best party games out there. We didn’t even get a chance to talk about the classics like Werewolf. Have your own top pick for best social party game? Leave it in the comments and let us know how your board game night in the Resident Entertainment Den goes!

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