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Fall courses at Colorado State start in mid-august. This means if you haven’t already done so, you’re probably about to pack up your things and move into your new apartment here at the Cottages. Whether you’re a freshman or a returning sophomore, you’ve probably had your share of lists and advice about moving back in. Sound about right? Well, how about a quick look at some of the common myths about moving in day? And some of the things you certainly should not stress about!

Dispelling the Myths with the Real Move-in Tips

  • Ditch the 100 item lists.  There are a ton of lists out there that, if you were to go out and buy every item on it, could easily cost you upwards of a grand. Not only is that prohibitively expensive, but you aren’t likely to use most of those things. Talk to your future roommates about splitting up the big items and appliances and don’t go overboard with the small stuff. Things like extra towels, winter gear, kitchen appliances, and the like can be bought over time. This both makes it less of a big financial strain and ensures you get what you need and not what you don’t.
  • You don’t need a car to have fun.  Fort Collins not only has an amazing public bus system, but every CSU student gets to ride for free as long as they have their student ID with them. Plus, given its small size, riding a bicycle is often more efficient (not to mention fun). So unless you plan on driving home every other weekend, we often advice newcomers to try spending at least their first few months without a vehicle. This has the added benefit of keeping your costs down as no car means no gas, insurance, or upkeep costs.
  • Don’t feel pressured to be social.  Move-in week is an incredibly exciting time and in that excitement, you may feel pressured to be extra-social. During move-in week, a lot of students will prop open the door to their dorm room or college apartment. This is to help with moving and to welcome anyone to come pop in say hi. But the popular thing isn’t always the comfortable thing. Don’t feel pressured to jump in full force with social things like this. You also shouldn’t feel pressured to become BFF with your roommates on day one. Enjoy this first week, even if it means spending a good amount of time settling in on your own.

Don’t Forget, We’re Here to Help!

As always, if you do need help with moving in, don’t forget we’re here! From bus line routes to what type of appliances you’ll need to bring, our team is here for you to make sure your move goes as stress-free as possible.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Using the public transportation is one of the best ways to commute. It is entertaining, plus you get to do some exercise rather be seated in a car driving everywhere, plus there is a chance to meet awesome new people!

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