Last LAST Minute Studying Techniques

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Most guides to last minute studying techniques are a bit coy on timing. They may say last minute, but their schedule really suggests starting out a week before. While yes, this should absolutely be advisable, there are times when due diligence wasn’t possible and you wake up suddenly realizing you have just one day to cram for that Biology final you’ve been putting out. The following guide is for those type of situations.

Last LAST Minute Studying Techniques with Quizlet

The Day Before

For best effects, even for a crammer, you will need to start at least one day before the dreaded exam. The first thing you’re going to want to do here is to create one long document with all of the information you can find about the coursework. Grab all the notes you have and ask if there are any extra notes your classmates or friend with the same teacher can give you. Additionally, go online and copy and paste any PowerPoints and documents your professor has uploaded. Once you’ve got it all in one place, copy and paste it into Quizlet to create note cards.

Quizlet is a wonderful resource in general. Not only does it make creating personalized note cards easy, but it also has a program in which those same note cards can be changed into mini-quizzes to help you test yourself. You can create multiple choice or fill in the blank quizzes, matching definition card games, and more unique options like an asteroid-style typing game/quiz.

Start doing twenty-minute run-throughs of all the note cards. Take a ten-minute break between runs and at the end of an hour or so of this, start doing the quizzes and games. Make sure to note any that you get wrong.

6 Hours Before

Now it’s time to focus solely on your weak points. Go back and create a separate Quizlet study session and use only the key terms and the items you have consistently gotten wrong. Spend three hours going through these and playing the quizzes before taking at least an hour break to make yourself a healthy pre-exam meal.

1 Hour Before

Now, you’re likely sitting near your class waiting for the dreaded time to go in. Stop, breathe, and grab your laptop or tablet and do one final run through on your Quizlet cards. This time, start with the small group and then switch over to do the larger grouping of questions.

Good Luck!

Of course, Quizlet isn’t the only platform of this style. You might find Anki or Studyblue more to your liking. Experiment with these and talk to your classmates about other programs until you find the best for your learning style. And, of course, best of luck on the exam!

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