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With the spring semester quickly coming to an end, you might find yourself with some big-time studying and research to get done. Did you know that for many people, getting this type of work done happens most effectively when they do so in a public place like a cafe? That’s because studies have shown that a moderate level of ambient noises, like coffee machines and ordering customers, improves performance on creative and cognitive tasks. Plus, other studies suggest that mental effort is contagious. Which means seeing other people study can better help you focus and study!

All of this is to say heading out to a cafe near your Cottages of Fort Collins apartment might be a great way to get focused and get some work you’ve been putting off done. Don’t know where to go? Here’s a look at a few great spots just a short distance from your home at the Cottages:

3 Great Fort Collins Cafes Near Your Cottages of Fort Collins Apartment

  • Starry Night Espresso Cafe. This cute cafe is situated about a mile west of the Cottages of Fort Collins in Old Town Fort Collins. The place exudes Victorian charm with a gas fire place and beautiful interior architecture. You’ll find a mix of tourists, students, and business professionals hanging out here. This makes its outdoor seating and location a great place for people watching and studying.
  • Bindle Coffee. Bindle Coffee is a bit further away, about three miles, but it is one of the most popular coffee shops in Fort Collins. The building itself is a renovated mechanic’s shop which offers a unique decor and nice open space to study in. Two simple menus named “coffee menu” and “not coffee menu” make ordering simple. And coffee-lovers will love that all the coffee listed is roasted in-house. You’ll also find a long list of baked goods and tasty breakfast burritos.
  • The Back Porch Cafe. One of the cool things about living at the Cottages of Fort Collins is that you actually don’t have to go far to get caffeine. The Back Porch Cafe is located just across the street from our apartment complex. Plus, it’s a great place hang out when you need a different ambiance quick.

Don’t Forget the Cottages of Fort Collins Amenities

Don’t want to buy a coffee in exchange for ambiant studying noise? Then don’t forget that we also have some great places to break out the books. Head down to th 24-hour clubhouse and onsite resident entertainment den to find a good nook.

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