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Finding the right gift for family, friends, and roommates isn’t always easy. Nor is it always cheap. Gift giving is something of an art, an important art, but an art none the less. This is one of the reasons why we think DIY or handmade gifting is so great.

Handmade gifts are personal and while they may or may not have been expensive to make, you spent time and put thoughts and energy into the gift. That care makes DIY gifts so meaningful. Plus, it offers you a chance to hone your own creativity and learn what hobbies and aspects of creativity speak most to you.

Not sure where to begin? See below!

6 DIY Gifting Ideas You’ll Love to Make and They’ll Love to Receive

  • Knit a beanie.  Knitting is a fairly easy skill to pick up and a great one to have for those individuals who enjoy multi-tasking. Knitting is something you can do just about anywhere, such as when you’re waiting in the DMV line, riding shotgun on a road trip, or waiting for your study partners to show up. It’s a great de-stressor and with easy patterns like this Easy Knit Hat, you can get started today and create a beautiful handmade gift for the fashionista on your holiday list.
  • Bag up some candy.  Need a quick, last-minute gift? Check out this recipe for Salted-Caramel Cracker Candy. This is an easy sweet-and-salty treat that utilizes only a microwave during the ‘baking’ process. Yet, don’t let the simpleness of this DIY gift fool you. The foodies on your list will devour these handmade delights. Or, if you’d rather hone your baking skills, there are likewise plenty of Christmas cookie and birthday brownie recipes to try out.
  • Create tiled photo coasters. It doesn’t matter how digital things get, there will always be something special about photographs that you are able to hold. The beauty in this cool Photo Coaster guide by Du Buh Du Designs is that favorite photographs get to be turned into functional coasters as well as being something beautiful to look back on. Just be sure to read through and follow the complete instructions on this one as the type of paper and ink have a big impact on how successful the images will transfer.
  • Pom pom garland. Pom poms are super easy to make, especially if you pick up this nifty maker at a craft store (check Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for coupons before purchasing!). Purchase yarn in your friend’s favorite colors and start winding. These make great gifts for little sisters and roommates! Here are 12 easy pom pom garlands and other crafts to make.
  • Healing stone bracelet. We doubt if healing stones have any basis in science, but these healing stone bracelets make a lovely gift. Make a series of them for your mom or roommate. While you’re crafting, make a few for yourself!
  • DIY Makeup bag. Have a messy makeup lover in your life? Have access to your mom’s sewing machine? Feel confident enough to tackle sewing in a zipper? This DIY makeup bag is the perfect gift for you to craft. It’s super cute, and you can make it in a variety of different colors. Even your dad or boyfriend might like one for traveling!

Personal Gifts are Sure to Please

Whether you have just an hour or a weekend to spend on crafting gifts, we promise it’s worth the time and effort. One-of-a-kind DIY presents are always sure to please your loved ones as giving a gift of something you put your energy in is ten times more meaningful than a store-bought plastic trinket. Whether you bake, knit, or create, DIY gifting is where it’s at!

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