3 Fort Collins Date Night Ideas

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So you’ve got yourself a honey and you want to take them out. The only problem is you’re broke but you’re still trying to impress. Never fear, we’re here! Check out the following list of affordable, fun, and unique places in Fort Collins to take your shorty out:

3 Of Our Favorite Fort Collins Date Night Ideas

  1. Knock down the pins at Chipper’s Lanes.  The Chipper’s Lanes College Center location is less than a two-mile walk from the Cottages of Fort Collins and a great place to enjoy a more active date night. This is a particularly great spot for a larger group date or introducing friends to the new plus one. Be sure to check their website for the latest deals and live music events before you go.
  2. Test how your brains compare at the Somewhere Secrete escape room. Somewhat Secret is an escape room located in Old Town Fort Collins. Never heard of a mystery room? Our city has about five now and what they are is a type of physical adventure game. Once you enter the first room, players must try and solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to solve the room’s mystery and escape. This is a must for anyone who loves problem-solving, board games, or simply a good ole mystery story.
  3. Stay classy with dinner and a film at The Lyric. If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, Lyric is the movie theater of Fort Collins. At least, if you prefer more than just the latest Hollywood blockbuster. The Lyric is a locally owned and independent movie theater that consistently serves up the best in independent, foreign, and local cinema as well as the classics and new arrivals. Ticket prices are fair and with a full bar and restaurants, you can snuggle up with your sweetheart and enjoy dinner and a movie at the same time. Or for an even more unique movie experience, check out the Holiday Twin, one of America’s few remaining drive-thru movie theaters. The only caveat is Holiday Twin probably won’t be open again until the consistently warmer temperatures roll back in. We estimate more towards late April/early May.

Have Your Own Fav Spots? Share ’em!

Naturally, these are just a few of unique date night ideas possible here in Fort Collins. This list doesn’t even touch on the many more outdoorsy things to do! Let us know your favorite date night spots or things to do in the comments and stay with us for more ideas once the weather turns a bit brighter.

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