Creating the Perfect Schedule for Your Personality

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Picking out your first and second-year classes is anything but easy. There are a lot of things to consider, including whether to go for basic or major-specialized, morning or evening, or high-ranked professors vs. high-ranked courses. In addition to these facets, equally important is scheduling based on your personality and learning style. The following are some tips on how to do so to help you succeed in whatever class and professor you choose. Remember, you will have until August 24 to drop your class and replace with another at CSU. So don’t be shy, if you hate a class and need to replace, do it! A late start is better than a hated semester.

The Key to Creating the Perfect Schedule for Your Personality

  • Procrastinate vs. Proactive. There are people who thrive on waiting until the last minute and using that stress to fulfill their need to get things done, and then there are people who are proactive and like to get everything crossed off their list as soon as possible. For the proactive student, scheduling classes back-to-back is an ideal format. This allows you to get your classes over with so that you can get on with other things in the afternoon. In contrast, procrastinators should leave at least an hour gap between major classes in order to give themselves some time to finish work or do last minute readings.
  • Full Night Sleeper vs. Midday Napper. Do you prefer sleeping in and enjoying an extended 9 hour night sleep or do you do best with a mid-day nap to pick you up? The beautiful thing about college is that you can build the perfect schedule around whatever sleep schedule makes you most productive. If you find you excel best with a mid-day nap, then plan for early morning with a gap at noon followed by a post-nap class.
  • Task Juggler vs. Steady Studier. Are you planning on working somewhere in Fort Collins this fall? Do you have extracurricular clubs and other groups you’re excited to be a part of? If so, then you’re what we like to call a task juggler and need to block time outside of school to get everything done. As such, we recommend keeping your courses either Monday thru Thursday or Tuesday thru Friday so that you can have an extra day off for those other tasks. In contrast, steady studiers do best with their courses extended out across the full week.

Don’t Forget! At the Cottages, There’s Plenty of Places to Study

No matter what courses you choose, your home at the Cottages offers plenty of places to catch up on studying. In addition to Free WiFi throughout the apartments, residents have access to the 24-hour Clubhouse with multiple study rooms and study areas, including a grand hall for those extra large group studying sessions.

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