Tips to Improve College Writing Skills

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college writing skills

A large part of college is writing essays and other academic essays. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a chemical, creative writing, or computer science major, essays are a backbone of college life. Therefore, honing your writing skills is one of the fastest, most effective things you can do to improve your college grades. Get started today with the following key tips that’ll help you on your way to producing first-rate academic tomorrow:

3 Tips to Improve and Enhance Your College Writing Skills

  • Practice makes perfect. The best way to become exceptional in your writing skills is by doing it daily. For most all college courses, professors hand out their syllabuses on the first day and outline the major tasks students can anticipate. Use this to your advantage and don’t wait for assignments to come up on the calendar, rather choose topics related to your coursework and start drafting, researching, and writing essays on them now. Write several essays for one assignment and choose the best among them. This will teach you flexibility, improve your writing voice, and help you become a better researcher.
  • Become familiar with different writing types and styles. There are four primary types of writing: expository, descriptive, narrative, and persuasive. For most students, the primary type of writing you’ll be doing is expository which is the style of writing done to explain a concept and otherwise impart information to their audience. Within expository writing, there are different styles of writing like MLA and APA format. To become a better writer, you’ll want to study the nuances of each type of writing as well as each style of writing. Ask your professors which they prefer (if they haven’t already listed their style requirements).
  • Proofread, critique, and edit. No writer is an island. A large part of learning how to improve your writing will come after you write something. Find a writing buddy or classmate who also wants to improve their writing to swap pages with. Proofreading, critique, and editing their pieces — and having them do the same to yours — will help you see different angles of your writing. Remember to not take any critiques personally or too negatively. Instead, see these exchanges as types of encouragement and lessons to help you improve to create better overall work.

Now Time to Write!

Scholars of all ages bemon how much they dread essay writing. But a large part of that is because they believe it’s difficult as they haven’t the practice or experience. Starting now and honing your writing skills can and will change that dread to anticipation. So go out and grab your pen or laptop and start writing!

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