Cozy Cafes in Fort Collins

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Coffee shops and college students go together like peanut butter and jelly. Especially in cold winter college towns like Fort Collins. Cafes are places where you can study in comfort with easy caffeine access to keep you going plus they’re a great place to meet and linger with new and old friends. But if you’re new to town, you might not yet know all the best locations to head to. Which is why we’ve put together this handy guide to the coziest cafes you should check out in Fort Collins:

The Coolest & Coziest Cafes in Fort Collins

  • Alley Cat Coffeehouse.  Do you do your best studying post-10 p.m.? Or are you looking for a late-night hangout spot? Then the Alley Cat Coffeehouse is the place for you. This cafe is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The WiFi is free and the menu is full of both coffee drinks and snacks galore (like sandwiches and bagels). So feel welcome to grab all your study materials and hunker down here for a night of exam studying.
  • Mugs Coffee Lounge This is a great coffee shop for meeting with classmates due to it being so close to campus. Additionally, the cafe features giant windows overlooking CSU Oval for a very visually-pleasing as well as convenient atmosphere. Mugs boasts a full menu of both coffee and food items. Of particular note is their breakfast burritos: cheap and filling!
  • Wild Boar Cafe.  Wild Boar Cafe is located in a renovated home which offers visitors a unique cafe setting. Instead of just one big room, this cafe boasts many smaller spaces with each having its own look and feel. For example, you’ll find a few rooms with long tables that are ideal for study groups whereas other rooms are filled with lounging style chairs and tables ideal for individuals and couples. There’s even a giant outdoor patio (although you may want to wait for warmer weather to check that area out).
  • The Haunted Game Cafe.  This is another unique style cafe. In addition to serving up cappuccinos and lates, this spot boasts a large selection of board games both for sale and for play. That’s because with this location’s Open Game Library, you and your friends can select from over 160 board and card games to play in the cafe. This is a great winter activity for those who hate the cold but want to enjoy an afternoon of fun and slight competition.

Or Stay Close & Study at The Cottages

Of course, you also don’t have to travel far from your home at the Cottages of Fort Collins to find a great study spot. Brew a cup of joe in your room and head down to our location’s 24-hour clubhouse and attached resident entertainment den. Here, you’ll find plenty of cozy nooks to lay out your textbook and enjoy some studying among friends.



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