Bullet Journal Spreads for Better Organization

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bullet journal ideas for college students

Bullet journals are amazing physical tools that help users to better track the best, organize the present, and plan for the future. And to do it a way that is beautiful, flexible, and fun to use. Bullet journals really help users get organized — which makes them a strong choice for those who have a new year’s goal of being more organized. If you’re not familiar with bullet journals, check out this “how to” video. Once you have a basic idea of it, then consider the following exciting spreads to add to your journal:

Bullet Journal Spreads for Better Life, Friend, & School Organization

  • Level 10 Life. The Level 10 Life chart is a chart you might create from scratch every six months and add to over time. The goal of this spread is to help you track your personal growth and determine those areas in which you want to improve yourself. Most commonly, this chart begins with a circle that is cut into ten pieces of pie and ten levels with the radius. Then on the other side, write down your goals and keep track of any actionable steps you take towards those goals on the pie chart.
  • Textbook Tracker. It’s no secret that the college textbook industry is a bit a crazy when it comes to new versus resale prices. This helpful textbook tracker spread is great for keeping key info down about your expensive textbooks. Then, when it comes time to return or sell, you won’t get hit with a ton of add-on fees.
  • Daily Habit Tracker. Looking to improve your day to day habits? The daily tracker is the answer. There are a lot of different styles for this type of spread. So note that finding the right one to meet your organization needs can take some trial and error. Check out this YouTube video to see some good types to consider and take some inspiration from. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM0bbnLZpGU

Take Time to Find What Works for You

When getting started with bullet journaling, take a moment to consider your organization needs and style. Don’t get frustrated if one spread doesn’t work for you! This is a type of organization style that takes experimentation to find the perfect systems for you and your life.

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